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Recommendations for choosing a courier service

Today parcel and courier services are a fundamental part of delivering your products to customers, allowing you to take your company to the next level of excellence.

With the digital world that we live in, these services can't be seen as providers of economic activities, but on the contrary, they're vital and regarded as "strategic partners" that through their professionalism strengthen small and medium-sized companies, apart from those that they face the customer and deliver the merchandise.

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Whether you make home deliveries, have an online store or a business with an eye on foreign markets, parcel and courier services serve to optimize logistics processes, through good service and the necessary technology for your product to reach time, safe and with impeccable presentation in the hands of the consumer.

And it is that having an excellent product is not enough if you do not have distribution strategies or do not have the capacity in your coverage, delays in deliveries, losses or damages during transportation, which in the end will leave a customer dissatisfied.

Tips for a good choice

  • Investigate different courier and parcel services, their coverage, the characteristics of the service, according to time and price.
  • Make quotes to know the approximate price.
  • Schedule shipping and delivery dates taking non-business days into consideration. Get to work as a team with the service to hire.

What are the shipping costs?

The costs of parcel and courier services will depend upon how quickly the merchandise reaches the hands of consumers. The cheapest shipping price will have a longer delivery service, while the highest price will be the one classified as urgent.

As a second factor, the destination of the shipment will be taken into consideration, since the short or long distance will influence the costs.

Finally, the rates are also based on weight and measurements as well as quantity, especially when it comes to packages of a certain volume.

Security in courier and parcel shipments

Security are the preventive measures of the company that allow safeguarding and protecting information, seeking to maintain its confidentiality, availability and integrity.

The companies that provide courier and parcel services must have an impeccable workforce since they handle packages, documents, signature holders and more, therefore, confidentiality and security must be paramount.

courier service Newcastle

Evaluate services

Verify that the company you want to hire to make the final delivery of your product, has a wide catalog of options, because in the future you could grow alongside it, by offering different options to the market.

At Carter Couriers, we offer the following services:

  • Light parcel: It handles the shipment of boxes or packages from 2 to 30 kg. per packaging unit, with the guarantee of adequate and timely delivery nationwide, with 24 hours in the main cities and 48 hours in the secondary ones. Ideal for Ecommerce, small companies that wish to deliver their products nationwide and who meet the weight and conditions indicated.
  • Documents: In this service, documents must be up to a maximum of 2 kg in weight per packaging unit. The delivery time is within the first 24 hours in the main cities and 48 hours in the secondary ones. It is ideal for those who handle a large volume of documents, as well as for individuals who wish to send documents. There are restrictions for Documents with Commercial Value (Checks, contracts, trusts ...)
  • Business bag: This service offers the ability to transport up to a maximum of 5 kg per route, with express delivery until 9:30 am in the main cities and secondary cities until 11:00 am. The security policies within this service are greater for the protection of the sent, therefore, it is a special service. It is useful for Banks, insurance, companies that require greater control over their documents.
  • Delivery: The main characteristic of this service is to return a signed documentation, which may or may not be accompanied by specific requirements, for reliable evidence of delivery. It is used for companies that need to deliver documents or packages and necessarily need the return of documentation and / or requirements that demonstrate the delivery.
  • Massive: Among its characteristics is to mobilize more than 100 units of the same type for the same city, destination per cycle and weighing less than 500 grams per unit, covering the need for direct mail, the delivery of documents, magazines, extracts, surveys, invoices, among others.

To choose a company that provides parcel and courier services you have to look at many factors such as the experience, services and infrastructure they have. Remember that this will be essential for your business.


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