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Advertising Brochures and Flyers - Powerful Weapons of Advertising

Advertising brochures and printed flyers are one of the most effective advertising weapons for the local area. Advertise in digital media as in social networks or in any technological medium available today of course it is something that you should do, but targeted advertising printed locally is a very powerful weapon that you must take into account.

We are talking about marketing, but offline marketing, that is to say here that it is done outside the internet and that it impacts and in a physical way on the potential client, either visually, audibly or in any other sense.

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Thus, flyers and advertising brochures are especially important in advertising any business or any event that needs to be made known to people in a specific geographical area.

In addition to the message and the promotion itself, it is very important to consider the design of the brochure. the logo, the name of your business or event, the arrangement of the elements within the flyer, are things that may or may not impact the person who reads it and determines the success or failure of the campaign you are advertising.

You also have to bear in mind that the prices of this type of advertising are really cheap and allow you to test and run campaigns with very little investment.

We not only talk about flyers; we also talk about different printing formats so that you can reach your local audience.

Formats used in advertising brochures

1. Flyers

It is a sheet in A4 or A5 size printed on one or both sides. Square or rectangular formats are often used and it is one of the most economical ways to print an advertising brochure.

2. Diptychs

They consist of 4 pages, but in this case what is done is to fold the paper in such a way that they are separated into two parts.

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3. Triptychs

Similar to diptychs, but in this case they are folded into 3 parts therefore 6 pages are used.

There are also other formats with more pages that are used in the same way for promotions, generally both triptychs and other larger formats usually include a catalog of products or services, since it would not be possible to include all this information in a flyer.

In addition to these formats, there are other types of advertising brochures that are also used in any type of advertising, such as leaflets, propaganda or Inserts. In any case, we recommend that you consult with us what you are going to offer and what you want to achieve and we can help you choose the best possible format.

Even so, we give you a series of guidelines that you must take into account to get a good advertising brochure.

Guidelines for a good advertising brochure

1. Define the objective

It is vital before doing anything to be able to determine exactly who you want to target with the advertising. this way it will be easier to define the messages to be included in the advertising brochures.

2. Style and design

presenting your brand in the right way can have a decisive influence on what the people who read the advertising brochures perceive. We must dedicate time to this key stage of our campaign. Within the design, the number of sides to be printed must be carefully chosen, that is, we will adjust the size of the content to the number of sheets that our advertising brochure will have and thus we will choose between a flyer, a triptych, a triptych or any other format.

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3. Messages

You can't write the Bible. messages have to be clear, concise and very direct.

4. Quality

The images, logos and any visual element, as well as the texts, the typeface, etc., must be of sufficient quality so that when the advertising brochures are digitally printed, they are perfect and with an excellent appearance.

5. Colors and final finish

Everything has to be aligned with the design and with your brand to make an impact and not go unnoticed.

Do not hesitate is to let yourself be advised. We are experts in printing services. If you are looking for the best printing company in Newcastle, contact us today!


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