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Bathroom renovation - What alternatives do you have to the classic faience tiles

If in the arrangement or renovation of the living room or bedroom your creativity is not restricted by any restrictions, things are a little different when it comes to renovating the Bathroom renovation . Here, the main enemy is humidity. No matter how tight the shower doors close or how good the children are when it comes time to take a bath, steam remains a problem that can affect your walls and floor, and over time can lead to harmful bacteria. Therefore, for many people, the only suitable finishes in the bathroom are tiles. It is true that they must also be carefully maintained, and the putty between the joints is not too easy to clean, as you probably already know. In addition, you got bored of ceramic tiles. Too many are found in all bathrooms, including those of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. But if you keep renovating the  Bathroom renovation  and you have decided to remove the old tiles, what would it be like to choose other finishes? Some that give the bathroom a more s

Family Singleton bike: which accessories to choose?

  T That's it, have you chosen your singleton bike    ?  Now let's move on to the essential complements: accessories!  The market offer has expanded and with it the possibilities and uses have multiplied.  More and more brands have taken the turn of accessorization. To help you, we offer you a quick overview of what brands can offer to  improve children's comfort  or  make life easier for cyclists  . Accessories for Singleton bike: manufacturers diversify their offer For some time now, the  singleton bike o bike has established itself as the booming mode of travel in the urban landscape.  On the one hand, the singleton bike, whether it is an extended bicycle, a two-carrier, a scooter, with or without electric assistance, is attracting more and more followers. On the other hand, there is a real desire on the part of manufacturers to offer their customers  ranges of accessories for  singleton bike   in   order to best meet the needs of their users. Each cyclist can therefore

Standard problems and diseases of old parquet : Floor Sanding

Common problems and diseases of old parquet Floor Sanding? Parquet is a beautiful, solid looking and durable natural wood Floor Sanding . Good parquet with proper care and timely repairs will last for several decades. But there are also “diseases” inherent in parquet, which are often easier to prevent than to cure later. Knowing the possible problems, you can prevent their occurrence.Often after 5-7 years, the parquet starts to creak when walking. And this is not at all a minor problem - for many, the creak is very nerve-racking. If your significant other goes to bed later than you or often gets up at night, squeaking will become a real disaster. Parquet creaks due to improper installation or substrate preparation. Sometimes the reason for the squeak is poor-quality glue - over time it dries up, and the parquet Floor Sanding begin to move, touching and making a squeak. This is also one of the consequences of uneven drying after flooding, which we will discuss below. The appearance of

How To Distribute The Tiling On The Wall

Before gluing the ceramic Tiling on the wall, I need to properly distribute tiles on the surface, it must be symmetrical and beautiful.Modern ceramic tiles can have quite large dimensions, so any asymmetry in their placement completely spoils the appearance of the new reform. Basic Errors : Very often, unskilled bricklayers or people who have decided to do the renovations on their own, allow for a single global mistake: they start laying the Tiling in the corner of the room. Cases in which the tile wall is completely filled, and it is not necessary to cut the tiles, are extremely rare. Usually I need to cut tile into the very narrow pieces that fill the small gap in the corner.Bricklayer begins gluing the tiles on the bedroom door. In this case, small additional items are seen in a corner, which is located in front of the door. That is to say, every time when the owner enters this room she sees this ridiculous piece Bricklayer tries to distribute additional element between the two cor

Private House Roof Repair - Roof Restoration

First you need to climb into the attic and find out what condition the rafters, the laid floor and the waterproofing layer are in.  It is necessary to check if it is pulling from there with dampness, if mold has appeared.  If the tree is severely faded or covered with dark spots, this may be due to constant moisture. Damp walls and ceilings in the rooms of the house can be signs of worn roofing.  But in some cases, the roof restoration may not be to blame for this.  Sometimes it's all about leaking pipes (water supply, sewerage or heating).  There are often cases when water flows along the outer wall, and then enters the house through the interfloor joint. An internal inspection of the roof is best done during heavy rain, so that the locations and causes of leaks can be more accurately determined. After a careful study of the seamy side of the roof restoration, it is examined from the outside.  First of all, you need to inspect such nodes of the roofing system as - the r