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8 Reasons Why Tiling Your Bathroom is a Great Idea

If you are looking for a way to make your bathroom more attractive and comfortable, then tiling is an excellent option. With the right tiles, it can be transformed into something that feels like a spa retreat in your own home. Tiles also offer many great advantages including being resistant to mould and bacteria growth as well as being waterproof.

tiling your bathroom

In this blog post we will cover 8 reasons why tiling your bathroom is a great idea!

  • Tiled floors are waterproof
  • Tiles can reduce risk for all types of slips and falls
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Tiles are affordable
  • Tiles can make cleaning much easier than before
  • Plenty of Design options from textured to glass mosaics
  • It adds value to your home
  • Giving your bathroom the aesthetic appeal

1. Tiled floors are waterproof and durable

The floor is the most significant part of your bathroom. It should be durable, prevent water from penetrating it and offer some level of comfort to stand on. Tiled floors are made with ceramic or porcelain tiles that have a grout between each tile making them waterproof while also providing plenty of traction for you to walk around confidently without slipping.

2. Tiles can reduce risk for all types of slips and falls

Tiles are a more forgiving surface than other materials, like hardwood or carpet. This means you're less likely to slip and fall when walking around on your tiled floors.

If tile is ever soaked with water and left without being cleaned up for days at a time, it can be wiped clean easily whereas if the same thing had happened in an area covered by another material such as wood flooring or carpet, mold would grow quickly because there's no oxygen present.

If any spills happen on tiles they will dry out much faster than any spill that happens over carpets or wooden surfaces thanks again to the lack of moisture trapped beneath them which leads to bacteria growth.

bathroom tiling services in Newcastle

3. Tiles are easy and quick to install

Tiles are easy to install, which is perfect when you're trying to save money and time. What's even better is that you don't have to worry about getting a professional installer because it can be done by homeowners too! All the materials needed for installation are readily available in most hardware stores or home improvement centers so there's no need for expensive trips.

The process of installing tiles can also be made quicker by following some basic guidelines such as measuring twice and cutting once, carefully following the instructions on how to lay your tile out before starting work can will make this job go much more smoothly and swiftly - saving time (and money)!

4. Tiles are affordable

Tiles are one of the most affordable finishing touches you can install in your bathroom. In comparison to marble, wood or other hard-to-maintain materials, tiles are a great choice for their durability and relatively low cost. With Newcastle Tiling's help, installing tile is easy with our experienced staff on hand throughout the process from start to finish!

5. Tiles can make your cleaning much easier than before

Tiles can make it much easier to clean your bathroom. You will not need as many cleaning products because the dirt and grime is more likely to stay on tiles instead of being absorbed into porous surfaces like wood or carpeting. This makes for a cleaner, healthier environment that you and your family can enjoy without all those worries about allergies and asthma attacks from contaminants in the air.

bathroom tilers in Newcastle

6. Plenty of Design options from textured to glass mosaics

Many people choose tiling because they love the design options. Textured tiles are great for adding a rustic look, while glass mosaics can make your bathroom feel like you're in an underwater cave. You will find plenty of inspirational photos on Pinterest to help you decide what type of tile is best for your style and needs. Also, here at Newcastle tiling, we can help you with your tiling design and installation.

7. Tiling your bathroom adds value to your home

Tiling your bathroom adds value to your home. Tile is very durable and the labor-intensive process of installing it means that you'll never have to replace any tiled areas in your house for a long time, since cracked or damaged tile can be repaired by simply removing the old tiles and replacing them with new ones. When you are considering selling your house in the future, make sure that there's enough room left on floors and walls to install tile!

8. Tiles can give your bathroom an aesthetic appeal

Tiles are pleasing to the eye and reflect your personal style. You can create a bathroom that's as unique as you are! For a sophisticated floral pattern, rustic wood grain design, or delicate geometrical shapes in pastel colors - there’s a tile for every preference.

Here at Newcastle tiling, our goal is to provide you with the perfect design and color scheme that will give your bathroom a cohesive feel. Give our tiling team a call today!


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