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Nowadays, in order to run a well-functioning business and not to complain about too few patients, you need to be able to properly advertise yourself. A great education, numerous courses or even a lot of experience may turn out to be insufficient if you are not clearly visible on the web. It is a very good idea to create your own profile on a portal that brings together professionals from a given industry and inform there about your skills. The leader among such websites is Physiotherapist . Our portal was created precisely to help physiotherapists develop their activities and offer patients the possibility of easy and intuitive search for the right specialist. What are the advantages of having a well-completed profile on the Physiotherapist portal?Which information best helps you attract new customers?

Nowadays, in order to run a well-functioning business and not to complain about too few patients, you need to be able to properly advertise

1. Professional photo and list of specializations

There is a reason it is said that first impressions are so important when establishing various types of interpersonal contacts. It is worth taking advantage of this when filling out your business card. A professionally made photo, which additionally shows a friendly smile, inspires trust and encourages you to click on such a profile. Many patients, when looking for a person dealing with physiotherapy, pay great attention to the first impression made by the specialist and whether they feel safe in his company. A ghost business card will not allow you to get to know you well and make a positive impression. It is also important to add all your specializations , which you will find in the form of ready-made slogans in the Physiotherapist panel. Just select them and it's ready!

2. Online appointment scheduling calendar

The world is constantly changing and rushing faster and faster, but thanks to this it allows you to take advantage of opportunities that once did not exist. Many things that used to be dealt with in person or by phone can now be done with just a few clicks. That is why it is really worth enabling your patients to book visits online , because it is a great help for both Physiotherapist and the clients themselves. By creating an online appointment calendar, future patients will be able to book a selected date at any time. Moreover, a clever system of automatic reminders and confirmations helps to reduce the problem of canceled visits at the last minute. Patients will surely appreciate this convenient solution, and you will have the entire list of appointments for a specific day in one place.

3. Scope of provided services

Nowadays, everyone is looking for the simplest solutions. It makes no sense to fight it, and it's better to use it to strengthen your image as a specialist. Physiotherapist is a very broad and general term, so it is worth clarifying what exactly you do, so that a new patient can easily find you. A completely different physiotherapist will be sought by a mother concerned about the health of her child, an athlete with a stretched muscle or an office worker with chronic back pain and headache, and these are just a few examples. It is worth describing your services in as much detail as possible, so that new patients can easily find you.

Nowadays, in order to run a well-functioning business and not to complain about too few patients, you need to be able to properly advertise

4. Information about the specialist

Appropriate titles and certificates inspire confidence and testify to a good preparation for the profession. This is what many patients first notice when looking for a specialist for themselves. Therefore, it is not worth being modest! The section for information about the physiotherapist should contain as much as possible about your work experience, education, additional certificates and other important assets. It is worth remembering the principle that if there is something to be proud of, it must be emphasized and mentioned as often as possible.

5. Patient opinions

Last point, but no less important! Collecting positive opinions about your work is crucial if you want to strengthen your personal brand and be known as a great specialist. In the pre-Internet era, word of mouth was the way to find out who was good at what they were doing and who was better off being avoided. Nowadays, commands are also used, and people believe them the most. Therefore, it is worth taking care to collect as many positive opinions as possible about your work, which will best testify to your knowledge and experience.

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