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Most common types of mesh or metal fences

Today we are going to talk about the different types of fences, for all those people who are interested in fencing their garden, farm, homes, school etc.

As we can see, there are many models and types of metal meshes on the market, all with uses that can be similar but very different at the same time.

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Therefore, today we will talk about the different types and make a little summary of what they are used for, what are the advantages, their most common uses, etc.

In this way, users will be able to select their ideal fence according to the expected result and the available budget.

Simple twist mesh

The metal mesh is simply twisted, also called cyclonic mesh, is the most traditional mesh of all, it allows us an effective response to all types of enclosures.

This mesh is made of galvanized steel, and we can find it in the market galvanized or galvanized and plasticized. It is usually laminated in green, although we can also find it in other colors.

It is characterized by its diamond-shaped fabric and is the most widely used solution in almost all environments, both for its price and for its effectiveness.

One of the main characteristics of this mesh is its off-road character, a fact that allows us to place it in any enclosure regardless of the characteristics of the terrain (elevations, reliefs, etc.).

The result that this mesh offers us leaves nothing to be desired. A well-made simple twist fencing offers us a very attractive result. One of the foremost important characteristics of this mesh is its easy cutting, sewing and interlacing it, being able to fence as many meters as necessary without noticing any cut or roll change around the perimeter.

As we have mentioned, this mesh is the most used for all types of enclosures, since it offers us great durability at a relatively low cost. It is used as an enclosure mesh in all types of fences such as farms, sports facilities, residential closings, etc.

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The assembly of the simple twist mesh is relatively simple, and can be done by the user himself if he is a little handyman. Later we will make an entry regarding the assembly of a fence or simple torsion fence.

It should be noted that within the simple twist mesh we can find many different qualities and prices, since the diameter and quality of the wire greatly influences both the final result and the price.

Simple twist mesh advantages:

  • Economical
  • Suitable for large areas of land.
  • Suitable for terrain with elevations and reliefs.
  • Very resistant
  • Easy installation.

Triple twist tights

The triple twist wire mesh is a hexagonal mesh made of galvanized steel. It is woven with two galvanized wires that are joined together forming zones of three twists linked in the opposite direction, providing flexibility in all directions.

One of the foremost important characteristics of the triple twist mesh is that it's braided without fixing knots, a proven fact that prevents possible cuts and infections for both users and animals. In addition, the special shape prevents other birds or wild animals from entering, keeping the corral safe inside.

It is the most used mesh for all types of chicken coops and farms, especially for pens with the smallest animals on the farm.

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Its use is also widespread in crop protection, cave roof protection, and protection against falling stones and debris.

Advantages triple twist mesh:

  • The mesh doesn't fall apart even if one of the wires gets break.
  • Resistance to drilling effort and tension.
  • It lacks fastening knots.
  • Flexible.
  • High resistance

Electrowelded mesh

The electrowelded mesh is a product formed by longitudinal and transverse wires that cross each other perpendicularly, joined by electrical welding. We can find it made from normal steel and later galvanized, or made from stainless-steel, among others.

This type of mesh is very resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

Electrowelded meshes are characterized by being light and simple to handle. It allows us to cut and fold it very easily, having the ability to get the specified shape.

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We can find it with many different sizes of holes and wire thicknesses.

A very important characteristic of this type of mesh is that it lacks fixing knots, thus preventing possible injuries and infections. This fact, added to the other characteristics that we have discussed, makes it perfect for animal cages. In addition, there are electrowelded meshes with a very small hole, ideal so that the legs of the animals do not slip.

Apart from animal cages, electrowelded mesh has multiple uses. They are widely used in the construction industry, as reinforcing steel in slabs, pavements, retaining walls and bearing walls, in hydraulic structures such as channels, weirs, swimming pools, in silos, among others.

It is also used for industrial use, for fencing small plots, to delimit orchards or plants, protecting them from our pets or animals, etc.

Its use has become widespread due to its simplicity and speed of installation, its maximum adherence to concrete, its low weight and the high quality offered by this type of mesh.

The price of this mesh is very variable. It can be very inexpensive or very expensive; It all depends on the material of manufacture, the measurements of the hole and the thickness of the wire.

Advantages of electrowelded mesh:

  • Light and easy to handle.
  • It lacks fastening knots.
  • Multiple uses.
  • Maximum adherence to concrete.

Livestock nets

Also called hunting mesh.

As the name indicates, this mesh is design specifically use in agricultural and livestock. It's widely used in fencing game reserves.

This mesh is made of a reinforced galvanized wire. It is characterized by being very resistant, avoiding the deformation of the fence if the animal leans on it.

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A very interesting feature of this mesh is that it allows free entry of small animals such as rabbits and partridges; and prevents the entry of predators, thus preserving the fauna.

This mesh is widely used to delimit large areas of land, since it is very economical, so it is ideal for delimiting and protecting farms of sheep, pigs, cows, horses, fencing of game reserves, etc.

Advantages of livestock nets:

  • Very resistant
  • Economical
  • Suitable for large areas of land.
  • Preserve the fauna

Rigid panels

The rigid panels are panels of galvanized wire characterized by their rigidity, strength and elegance. These galvanized panels at the same time can be laminated, thus offering us a wide range of colors, green and white being very common. Its rigidity and solidity offer us high protection and durability.

The disadvantage of this fence is that it is much more expensive than others, such as the simple torsion fence. Therefore, we will only consider fencing with rigid panels in places where the strength, durability and elegance that these panels offer us are really valued.

Its assembly is relatively simple, and can be done by the user himself if he is a little handyman. Later we will make an entry regarding the assembly of this type of rigid panels.

This type of fencing with rigid panels is ideal and widely used to fence gardens, swimming pools, schools and residential areas. Refer to our fencing services for more information.

         Rigid panels advantages:

  • Very resistant
  • The most aesthetic
  • High durability

Finally, it should be noted that all the mesh and fencing models are available in different sizes, material qualities, hole sizes, wire thicknesses, etc. To do this, it must be taken into account that prices can vary greatly depending on the different characteristics of the product.

If you are thinking of making a fence or enclosure, do not hesitate to consult us or comment on our blog or social networks, we will be happy to help and advise you.


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