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Learn how to sand and polish your wooden floors

Hard to clean, polish or even sand your wooden floors? In this post we will tell you everything you need to know about wood floor maintenance. And, although this material usually looks very good as part of interior decoration, it tends to be delicate against bad maintenance. Although there are other more modern types of flooring, there are people who continue to bet on the natural beauty of wood.

Modern Floor Sanding, as a floor sanding and polishing company, is fully qualified to recommend what treatment to give wood floors. And it is that those who have this type of flooring at home tend to feel many questions on this point. Since, the main enemies of these floors are scratches and water. Consequently, many people do not know to what degree a wet cleaning that does not damage the material can be generated.

wooden floor sanding

Likewise, our house cleaning professionals are equipped with all the suitable equipment and products for the maintenance of wooden floors. Therefore, we guarantee professional results that restore the natural and shiny appearance of the wood. It is normal to have doubts regarding this issue, since sanding and polishing floors like this is not always easy. At least not if you lack information about what can and cannot be used to polish wood.

If you are one of those who apply products not focused on wood care, it will be very useful to value our post. Specially to determine why you have to be very careful with the elements that are used to sand and polish wooden floors.

Damaging things for wood floor maintenance

Wooden floors are usually beautiful; they go very well with a large number of types of decorations. However, its maintenance is not the same as other types of floors. Next we will tell you what situations or elements can damage the quality of your floors.

1. Vacuum with rustic vacuum cleaner

To properly and completely vacuum this type of floor it is important to use equipment that has felt to avoid damaging the floor. If the vacuum cleaner has a brush it may also be appropriate in these cases. However, if you have a rustic or very hard material, it will not generate the right conditions for the wood. If you do not have an appropriate vacuum cleaner, we recommend sweeping with a brush, because although it is more complicated it will help you take good care of your floors.

However, if you don't mind investing a little to save time and effort, you can buy a special vacuum cleaner for wood floors.

wooden floor polishing

2. Apply water directly to the floor

This can be valued as one of the most frequent mistakes people make when cleaning their floors. You should know that wooden floors should not be handled directly with water. Well, the accumulation of this element can deform the floor, as happens with parquet. For this, you can use products to clean wooden floors that usually have a quick drying. Also, there are some household items or products that can help clean wood. However, we will recommend these in the post, so take note. J

How to clean varnished wooden floors?

If you wonder: How to polish a wooden floor? So this point is very important to you. Since we will explain specifically how you can clean varnished wooden floors to remove dirt and polish. The polishing floors of wood tends to be a little more delicate, because this material should not be handled entirely with water.

We recommend using the following procedure to see excellent results.

Use hot water + baby shampoo

  1. Fill a bucket with between two and three liters of hot water, it does not have to be at a temperature that you cannot handle, in fact warm water works very well. Add three tablespoons of Baby Shampoo, it is a non-abrasive product that can work well for varnished wood and laminate floors.
  2. Swirl the cleaning solution with your hand, until you notice a slightly soapy solution build up. After this, submerge a sponge mop and remove the excess liquid.
  3. Apply a wet mop to your varnished floors, after you have mopped the floor you should dry it.
  4. To dry you can use a wood cleaning mop, or use a microfiber cloth.

How to polish wooden floors?

In this case, we recommend using a silicone-based polish, which can give you excellent results in relation to cleaning wooden floors. And, specifically speaking in relation to how to polish wood. First of all, remove the dust from your wooden floors. Subsequently, apply this product taking into account the recommendations for use. After that, dry very well with a mop or sponge mop if it is warranted.

polishing wooden floors

If you don't want to spend, you can place half a liter of water in a spray container with two tablespoons of almond oil. Spray directly on the floor at a distance of at least 35 cm from the floor, immediately dry with a cloth or sponge mop.

Do you need sanding and polishing solutions at the best price?

For more than 15 years we have been offering the best services in relation to sanding and polishing wooden floors. Consequently, we have the knowledge and equipment to generate the most professional floor sanding and polishing on the market. Our operators are fully competent both in their duties and in dealing with customers cordially. We have hundreds of benefits totally aimed at you, you cannot miss them. Contact us for more information on this matter, or request an online quote without any commitment.


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