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The Most Important Motorcycle Accessories

The equipment of a pilot is essential to guarantee his safety on the road. We already know that in this section it is convenient not to skimp on expenses, because often the cheap thing ends up being very expensive. What are the most important motorcycle accessories? Here each one will have their list drawn up in their heads but we are going to try to summarize the most relevant ones, thinking about safety, legislation and also comfort. Visit Singleton Bikeshop on Facebook, for more information!

motorcycle safety equipment


We know that it is the fundamental section in the safety skeleton of a motorcyclist. Here, never play it! Your head is worth much more than a handful of euros in savings. There are different types of motorcycle helmets, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. We show you a few:

  • Classic or retro helmet: More attentive to aesthetics than safety. They are often used on cruiser motorcycles. Not recommended.
  • Jet helmet: Designed for scooters or as citizen helmets. They protect the head but leave the face uncovered. They are not too safe either.
  • Jet helmet with screen: Same as the previous ones but they have a protective screen that frees from insects, wind or dust. But its effectiveness against large blows is very low.
  • Trial helmet: In this case we are already talking about acceptable levels of protection. This type of helmet is designed for Trial motorcycles, although they are usually approved for road use.
  • Off-Road helmet: Designed for use on enduro or motocross bikes. They ensure good ventilation and a large field of vision.
  • Multi-Modular Helmet: They are highly flexible and can become different helmets thanks to the combinations of their parts.
  • Trail helmets: Its level of protection is very high. They are in one piece leaving the chin guard that leaves the face very clear. They are mainly used on trial and adventure bikes.
  • Integral helmet: They are the ones that best adapt to the head and provide greater protection. They are made of one piece. They are the most common.
  • Replica helmet: The coolest on the market. They are decorated in the same colors as those used by famous pilots. They are usually trial, off-road or full-face helmets.

Whatever helmet model you choose, beware of cheap motorcycle helmets. As we've already said, your security is worth much more than a negligible savings in the end.


We are now talking about two crucial elements when it comes to ensuring the safety of the motorcyclist and cushioning injuries in the event of an accident. Here are some recommendations that you should not forget when buying a motorcycle jacket:

It must be fluorescent or reflective to ensure that we are visible on the road. It is worth choosing colors that make a clear difference with the pavement.

motorcycle accessories

It is not about "showing off" but about being safe on our vehicle. Comfortable, wide and tight, above normal clothing.

As for motorcycle gloves, they should be thin in summer and thicker in winter and with padding. They must be perfectly adjusted and of course waterproof to protect us from inclement weather, especially in the winter period or at night.


Although they have a lower impact on safety, there are other very useful elements or accessories for the motorcycle. For example, saddlebags. If you are going to start a long trip, this element cannot be missing from the equipment of your vehicle. In it you can transport clothes, food or anything else that you will need on your trip.

There are many types, depending on the material and size. When buying them we recommend you not to make a mistake in the size, choose good materials (leather is the most effective) and once they are attached to your motorcycle, check that they have been well secured in order to avoid annoying you. It is also convenient that you choose double ones (located on both sides of the motorcycle) to ensure a better balance.


In addition to all the accessories we have talked about, motorcycle clothing is essential to ensure the rider's safety. In difficult weather conditions, such as rain, for example, good equipment is vitally important.

Motorcycle rainwear designed especially for these times usually incorporates reflective elements in order to make it easy for other vehicles to identify us. The clothing used should provide a degree of protection against abrasion in the event of an accident. The motorcycle pants should not be too baggy to avoid entanglement with the chain, the brake pedal or other elements.

motorcycle safety accessories

If we talk about levels of protection, monkeys motorcycle is those who play the most important role in safeguarding the integrity of the pilot. There are one-piece or divisible overalls. The one-piece ones are more elastic and ensure driving in perfect condition. When buying a motorcycle suit we must assess several aspects: the leather or the material it is made of, whether or not it incorporates pockets and the real utility it can provide when driving, above aesthetics. Do not forget that these garments need adequate maintenance so as not to lose their properties. Motorcycle jackets also help to ensure a high level of protection in the event of an accident or abrasion.

And if we already have all the parts of the body protected, we cannot forget our hands. They are the first to suffer in a fall. For this reason, you must have motorcycle gloves that resist friction but do not reduce sensitivity and mobility, essential for efficient driving. On the other hand, it is proven that motorcycle boots can significantly reduce the risk of injury in an accident.

When you need to stock up on all these elements necessary for driving, don't forget that you have several options: from the official store to outlets with more than advantageous prices. As we have already said, compare the different possibilities with time, but don't let a cheap a prior price turn out to be expensive in the long run.

We have reviewed the most important motorcycle accessories to be safe when we ride and not suffer mishaps on our routes and motorcycle trips. It is up to you to ensure the highest level of security. We take care that your adventure companion is at the optimal level. That is why in Singleton Bikeshop we offer you the best follow-up, advice and the necessary repairs so that you continue to devour kilometers. Get in touch with us today!


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