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Coin Collector What do I need to know?


Being a coin collector is not for everyone, in fact, many consider this to be boring and pointless. However, this is a matter of taste and if you are fascinated by this world, welcome you as it is one of the most beautiful hobbies there is.

To begin with, each coin itself is an art and has an extremely long and interesting history behind it. In fact, a single coin can tell us a lot about history, geography and politics.

art coins

The latter means that it is an excellent way to gain knowledge, but it can also be used to earn money. In fact, if they are quite old coins we can obtain large sums of money, and over time they gain more value. This does not mean that the "most recent" are not worth so much, since it is the opposite. To understand this, you should know that their price fluctuates according to the metal with which they are made.

Perhaps, for a novice collector, this may seem strange but the more experienced do know how to make their investment and how much money they could earn by buying a small coin.

Remember that not all people know the true value of a coin and this is something that as a coin collector we must know very well. For example, there are many valuable two-euro coins as detailed here.

However, it should be mentioned that making money is not the only motivation that coin collectors have. In fact, many in this world only appreciate the challenge of finding the "perfect" coin or finding a fairly large set of coins. It is very easy to obsess over this, especially when we have a handful of them.

art coin collections

Therefore, a coin collector is like a treasure hunter, who must always be investigating to know where to get a coin. In this way, being a coin collector provides the same excitement as other hobbies. To this, we add the fact that once we have completed a collection or have achieved the “holy grail of coins” we will be able to make a good profit from it.

The point of the story is something that attracts a lot about collecting coins, and it is that as we mentioned before each coin has its own identity. For example, it can be related to a historical event or be part of the culture of a country. From a “simple coin” we can learn more than we think about a country and without having to consult so many books.

This fact makes a collector always aware of all the rare and limited coins that come out on the market. Keep in mind that there are many coins, which are difficult to find and this may be because they are from a long time ago in the past where historical events occurred. Obviously, these types of coins are not that accessible, but there are people willing to pay large sums of money because they know that they are valuable.

art coins

There are coins that, in themselves, have an attractive design, with a quite interesting history, that are not sold because they satisfy the personal taste of the collector. Basically, it is like a treasure, and as such we will not sell it.

It should be noted that becoming an expert coin collector takes time, since you need some knowledge and you have to learn to know the value of the coins. For example, you cannot know how rare a coin is if you do not have information about it, and even if you have a slight idea of what it is, it is always better to know it in detail.

In this example, the rareness of a coin is determined by how many pieces were made, when they were melted, and how many currently exist. Obviously, the more unusual it is, the greater its value. If it is a coin with a fault in its minting, it can have a quite high value because this is rare. The ideal is always to do a detailed investigation to know its rarity and its value.

art coins

As we can see, collecting coins has it all, on the one hand, it is exciting and they can help us to know a lot about a place and on the other it can help us earn money.


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