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Top 12 tips for maintaining a property building

Running a community always involves a lot more than meets the eye, and owner buildings are no different. Because people own their units and are involved in the building, managing a condo brings unique challenges and high expectations.

building maintenance inspections

Maintenance tips for community managers

Here are a dozen tips for building maintenance that we learned from our time working alongside community managers:

1. Keep a record of inspections

To avoid fines, complete all inspections required by state and native codes and statutes in a very timely manner. Having an inspection schedule is a good idea to provide for supervision. Having a janitor or janitor in charge of these supervisions saves a lot of time and money on outside contractors.

2. Take a preventive approach

To avoid major problems and costly repairs, take a preventative maintenance approach for all major systems in your building, from your heating and electrical system to plumbing and carpeting or flooring. Perform regular checks and cleanings to make sure you get the maximum life from the most expensive items in your building, again hiring a janitor to carry out these little fixes is one way to prevent headaches and complaints from homeowners.

3. Be prepared to solve problems

As the manager of an apartment building, you are often not only in charge of maintaining the building, but you are also in charge of keeping the peace. Having rules in place and communicating them effectively to homeowners can help prevent problems. It is also important to provide a clear process for dispute resolution.

4. Pay attention to the vents

One of the most common problems in residential buildings is clogged or blocked vents, particularly dryer vents, which can be a major fire hazard. Carry out regular and thorough ventilation checks on the exterior and interior of the building to ensure that all vents are clean and clear.

5. Maintain the rugs

Carpets in hallways and hallways of buildings tend to generate a lot of traffic. And a repeatedly dirty or discolored carpet is the source of many complaints. In addition to regular vacuuming, be sure to deep clean your building's carpets on a monthly or quarterly basis. This will keep your rugs looking shiny and help prevent permanent damage.

6. Prioritize safety

Keeping your building safe is the most important thing. To prevent theft and vandalism and to give homeowners a sense of well-being, don't skimp on security. Make sure all outdoor areas, such as parking lots or garages, are well lit and monitored. Check regularly to make sure all doors and common areas are closed and locked. Consider investing in new technology that can provide greater security.

7. Clean pipes regularly

Plumbing is one area where performing preventative maintenance can make a big difference. Have a professional come in at least once a year to clean all the main drain and sewer lines. This can help reduce the risk of safety problems and obstructions, which can create a number of additional problems in owner's buildings.

8. Check the heating system

Without a doubt, one of the tips for maintaining a building should be to monitor the air conditioning. Heating system breakdowns can mean many angry homeowners (especially in peak summer and winter months). They can also cost plenty of cash to repair. Make sure to change filters regularly and perform a full check on your cooling system with each change of season. Those are the best ways to prevent a crisis.

9. Watch out for cracks

In addition to monitoring and controlling snow, ice, puddles, and drainage, be sure to keep an eye out for issues like cracks in the sidewalk or parking lot. Repair uneven or dangerous surfaces to protect residents and visitors and remove unsightly.

10. Update your image

What once seemed new and fresh can quickly start to look old and drab. From painting common areas to adding new flowers to landscaping and re-drawing parking lots, there are inexpensive ways to revamp the look of your community.

11. Avoid and eliminate pests

Work to stay pests out of your condo building by addressing moisture problems and keeping trash contained. Also, it is always a good idea to have a pest control professional inspect the building on an annual or seasonal basis.

12. Be prepared for emergencies

Have a plan in place for different emergency situations, from fire to natural disasters to utility outages. Know what to do in these situations, how you will contact the owners and any residents who require special assistance.


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