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Tips for the correct choice of metal fences

The criteria for choosing a metal fence depends mainly on the priorities of each professional or individual: functional fence? What is easy maintenance? What is cheap? Easy to install? Is it better to opt for aesthetics or security? 

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Chainwire Fencing Specialist gives us some valuable advice for the correct choice of metal fences.

In all cases, three parameters have priority: the use that can be given to it, the price that can be put according to the budget, and the regulations around the metal enclosures.

Decorative or protective fence

When choosing a fence, the first question to ask is: what is the purpose in dividing the property? Can you simply delimit the property? In this case, perhaps a simple 1-meter-high fence will do.

If, on the other hand, you can also want to be out of sight, you can opt for a more subdued model such as a PVC fence or a wooden palisade.

Know what type of enclosure to choose for the home and what purpose the fence has, for example, to increase the security of the home. A fence at least 2 meters high, made of concrete blocks, stone or wrought iron, will be the most appropriate.

The different types of enclosures

There are several types of solutions for fencing a property. Here is a small summary of the most common and should-be-chosen rigid mesh ranges.

  • Rigid Flexible Mesh - A flexible roll of wire mesh is the ideal solution for delineating steep or uneven terrain, especially in rural areas. Thanks to the wooden or metal posts on the ground, it is easy and quick to install.

However, if you want to be out of sight, it can be combined with a gazebo or a hedge. The small mesh prevents the intrusion of animals, but not that of people, as it is easy to cut.

  • Rigid Wire Mesh: In panel form, rigid wire mesh is preferable for flat or slightly sloping terrain. It can also be installed by sealing the posts fixed to the ground.

More resistant, it is a safer and more aesthetic solution than a flexible mesh, which however does not darken, unless the plants climb it.

  • The classic mesh: it is the most common mesh model for aesthetics, it is available in more or less hidden models and in a wide range of materials. Depending on your needs and budget, you can turn to PVC, wood, aluminum, or even composite wood. Typically installed on a low wall, the installation requires more work than a fence.
  • Fencing or blackout panel - The palisade, also known as a blackout panel, is an alternative to the classic pool security fence and is simpler to install. Made of wood or composite material, it closes the garden while decorating the outside.
  • The wall or low wall: a low wall is most of the time of stone, other times of bricks or cement blocks. It is an ideal solution to obtain a delimitation of rural land. For a more secure delimitation, a wall should be chosen at least 2.60 meters high.

Materials for a garden mesh

Many materials can be used to build a mesh, whether it is classic or not.

fencing services

Resistance, durability, maintenance and the desired style are the criteria that must be taken into account to make the correct choice of the metal fences indicated for the spring and the rest of the year.

It can present the main options available, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

A PVC fence

Very easy to maintain, PVC is less expensive than other possible materials for the enclosure. It is also appreciated for the ease of installation and maintenance.

But you have to be careful as it does not age well and deteriorates very quickly due to bad weather.

A composite wood fence

Composite wood is made from a mixture of plastic and wood fibers. This material, which does not deteriorate over time and is very resistant to weather conditions, can allow to obtain solid and durable fences. Offering excellent value for money, a composite wood fence requires little maintenance.

A wooden fence

Species, shapes and colors wood comes in a wide range of options. Logs, slats, opaque or semi-opaque, interwoven, like cloister ... It will preserve all the charm of the garden.

The warm and authentic look of wood makes it a highly demanded material for garden fences. With wood, you can get a solid fence, which is resistant to the elements.

An aluminum fence

Aluminum is attractive for the many advantages it has a very particular design style, availability in a wide range of colors, 100% recyclable, does not require maintenance and does not rust.

A concrete fence

Concrete makes a new look for the exterior and can be turned into a design element. The concrete slab fence is known, but much less the very modern one that brings an unstoppable class to the exteriors, and even more so when combined with other materials.

With straight or curved finishes, in imitation wood or stone ... The concrete fence can become a true decorative element for the garden.

It is difficult to make more robust and durable than concrete to fence the house. Thanks to a concrete or cinder block fence, you can protect yourself from everything like thieves, onlookers, diverse and varied weather conditions.

A wrought iron fence

Long abandoned for the overly traditional look, wrought iron is making an interesting hole again. Straight or wavy, classic or modern, it can give an aesthetic and elegant touch to the exterior.

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It is interesting to know that wrought iron can be easily painted. By making this choice, elegant style and durability are combined. There is no material more durable in the long term than wrought iron.

A wrought iron fence can be installed on its own, or sealed to a concrete wall. Another advantage that should not be overlooked is that it is a very strong and durable material. However, it must be taken into account that it requires specific maintenance against oxidation.

Solutions for just about every application

We’ve provided fencing solutions for almost every property style you'll imagine. Here are a couple of the fence types and features we specialize in and have delivered countless times:

  • Schoolyard fencing
  • Industrial machine cage fencing
  • Sport facility fencing (tennis, basketball, etc.)
  • Security perimeter fencing
  • Gated access points
  • Electronic gated access points
  • Domestic/rural fencing

Each of those services we provide is meant to be adaptable to every individual clients’ needs. We recognize that no two clients have an equivalent exact needs then we attempt to make sure that our solutions are adaptable and take these needs into consideration.



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