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Roof Restoration of an Art roof on a metal and oak frame

The roof is a major element that makes up a building and which allows it to be sheltered from various bad weather, such as rain for example. The healthiness of the construction and its waterproofing are based on the quality and durability of the roof; however, the covers have lifespans which can be shortened when they undergo a lot of deterioration and no action is taken. This is why a systematic check and preventive maintenance must be carried out. The presence of an anomaly should not be overlooked but should be dealt with immediately in order to avoid any possible aggravation.


Before carrying out or requesting a quote for the roof restoration of your roof in Newcastle, you must be aware of the regulations in order to act legally. It is possible that the administration has imposed certain restrictions that citizens must observe, in particular in terms of nature, shape, color and material used. Standards from the DTU (Unified Technical Documents) must be respected when the house is in an area covered by a PLU (local urban plan) or by other devices. The town hall is the administration closest to users, so don't hesitate to go there to obtain the required information. Depending on the scope of the work, the prior declaration (PD) of the work must be made to the town hall office.


Roof restoration requires confirmed know-how in this field, experience, but also adequate equipment to work well. The intervention is carried out at height, which is why these details are essential to guar    antee the quality of operations, but also to ensure the safety of roofers. The best alternative to carry out the restoration of your roof in Newcastle is to use the services of professionals with the required skills. This type of intervention offers several considerable advantages.

The cost is much less expensive.

There is no risk of danger since the cold restoration operation does not emit any odor and overcomes any fire problem.

Less annoyance caused, or even non-existent, for the people who occupy the premises.

The roof is better valued.

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to discover the services we offer. 

Regarding the roof restoration newcastle, the large medieval roof was destroyed and replaced by a flat Italian roof in 1844. The restoration work allowed the restoration of the original roof, higher and more sloping. The various trades were rigorously coordinated: the roofers worked while the teams of carpenters advanced throughout the 80 m of the building. 

A metal frame, with honeycomb beams, made it possible to free up a large interior volume, while accommodating the ventilation, air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, smoke extraction networks, etc. Screwed onto it, an oak frame creates the anchor points necessary to nail the battens. The liteaunage, in oak, respects the implementation of the time but its installation is delicate: very hard and heavy, the oak twists and splits.

Each part had to be selected and fixed with care. The roof is covered with nearly 110,000 tiles, made for the occasion, in 5 different colors and 2 formats, which allow a somewhat irregular rendering, both in its line and in its nuances. 

The roof now houses two auditoriums hosting courses, conferences, cinema sessions and concerts. Combining the ineffable charm of its centuries-old walls with the most advanced technologies, the Coll├Ęge des Bernardins regained in September 2008 its primary vocation: a place of research and debate for Church and society, on the question of man and of its future, open to all.


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