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How to care for an elderly person and thus improve their quality of life


Knowing how to care for an elderly person is key to being able to provide the care and care that they need. When older people in the family lose physical or cognitive abilities, it is time to dedicate more time and specific care to them. For this, it is not enough only with good intention and love, although these are always welcome. It is also important to know what special care you need and how to care for an elderly person so that they maintain good health and enjoy a good quality of life.

care for an elderly person

How to care for an elderly person using 7 essential keys

Letting the elderly know that person or persons are there to help and support them in what they need is essential. This way you will know that you can request their help when needed. But it is important to keep in mind that you are dealing with an adult.

If he has autonomy for issues such as personal hygiene or feeding, it is good to encourage him to do them himself, providing him with the support he needs to carry out these tasks. But avoiding at all times to make him feel that he can no longer, does not know or is not capable of doing it himself. This will maintain your self-esteem and feel more upbeat.

Make a list of basic tips on how to care for an elderly person and share it with the family

When the elderly live with family members of different ages it is important that everyone knows their needs. Even the little ones. And what can you include in that list? Issues such as:

  • What foods are allowed and which are prohibited for him. Especially if you have health problems added to your age.
  • The importance of taking care of your body temperature both in winter and summer. Especially if we talk about how to take care of an elderly person who is disabled or who is no longer able to express whether he feels cold or hot.
  • The need to stay hydrated. Especially during the hottest months of the year.
  • Where are your medicines and taking schedule? It points out the importance of marking when you have taken a medicine and checking the schedule before giving it to you.

Establish a routine of care and put it in writing in a visible place

How to take care of an old man when different people take care of him? Whether they are professional caregivers of the elderly or the family itself, it is important to coordinate and establish a routine. This way, the elderly person will feel better and gain stability. In addition, in this way it will be avoided that some care is not done and other tasks are unnecessarily repeated.

Therefore, it is best to establish a routine and record it in writing. This must be in a visible place within the reach of all caregivers of the elderly. A good idea is to make copies for each day and mark the care and tasks performed as they are provided.

Keep track on the medications that you need to take

It is important that you keep medicines out of your reach until it is time to take them. This will prevent her from taking more medications than she needs or from confusing one with the other.

Keeping a medication record is essential in caring for older adults who need medication. Especially in cases where you have more than one caregiver. Thus, everything will be much easier and doubts about whether the elderly person has taken the medicine that corresponds to him or not will be avoided.

Determine a safety plan

How to care for an elderly person goes through how to keep him protected and safe. Therefore, it is important to assess whether you have to make any changes to the home for greater security. In addition to issues such as including stabilization and safety elements in the bathroom, you can take into account other simple issues.

Consider, for example, replacing gas fires with an induction glass ceramic to minimize the risk of accidents. Or remove tall rugs that you can trip over while walking.

Encourage him to maintain some physical and intellectual activity

It is common when one considers how to care for an elderly person to think only about their physical needs. But it is also important to think about taking care of your mind and memory through personal therapies. To take care of both and help you keep your physical and mental faculties active, it is interesting to provide stimulation.

For example, taking him out for a walk, giving him conversation, providing him with games or activities that may be to his liking and help him keep his mind active. In addition, social life is very important for the well-being of the elderly. As much as possible it is important to take care that you maintain your social relationships.

How to take care of an elderly person goes through taking care of their diet

Food is a basic care for the health and well-being of the elderly. Taking into account your needs and if you need a special diet is essential. It's essential that you're eating healthy and balance diet. And if you need to eliminate some foods from it or if it is necessary to make simpler food and digest preparations. But also that it is palatable, that is, tasty, even if it is restrictive.

It does not matter if you consider caring for an elderly person alone or with the help of elderly caregivers in Newcastle or in collaboration with other family members. In all cases, these tips on how to care for an elderly person are key to providing them with the care and attention they need to protect their health and well-being while maintaining an optimal quality of life.


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