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The pink diamond is one of the rarest gems in the world. Its pure natural color could be seen only by a few people working in jewelry. For the first time, a Pink diamond was found in Brazil, and then in India and Australia.

The unusual color of the stone has not yet been fully studied. There are several different assumptions about the origin of the diamond shade. The first of them suggests that such a Pink diamond appeared due to the simultaneous exposure to high temperature and pressure for hundreds and thousands of years. The second, that the mineral was joined by impurities in the form of manganese and ferruginous ores.

At the moment, pink diamond has over 20 shades. The pure color of the stone without admixtures of other shades is very rare, and their price reaches $ 1 million per carat. Very often, colors such as purple, orange, brown and yellow are mixed with a gem. The first two colors increase the cost, and the last two decrease.

The saturation of the diamond is equally important. If it is close to red, then the quality of the stone is higher. Light or dark tone reduces the appearance of pink, so the quality is lower. Cutting will also help reveal the color of the Pink diamond. It also affects the value of the jewel.

The first meeting with precious items takes place in childhood. Someone notices mother's interesting jewelry with iridescent stones, and someone is presented with them for the holidays. In this article, we'll show you how to wear jewelry at any age.

Usually, if a child is decided to give a gold jewelry, then the choice falls on a pendant or if this gift is for baptism, then on a cross. White gold is the safest metal for human skin, which is why if you decide to purchase jewelry for your child, then choose this particular precious metal. But not all parents give such a decoration in childhood, usually the first reason for such a gift is the graduation of the child.

Graduation is a celebration of youth and youth, so do not choose too massive jewelry for this day, stop your preference for light, airy products. If your outfit involves open shoulders, neckline and short sleeves, then a classic pendant with Pink diamond and a graceful bracelet will suit it best, but if the top of the outfit is completely covered, give your preference to a jewelry set.

At a more mature age, you yourself begin to buy jewelry for yourself, and the main rule here is not to overdo it with them. Create your jewelry wardrobe correctly, you should not give your preference only to jewelry that is in trend. Add some classic-style diamond jewelry to your wardrobe. Such jewelry suits any look, be it a business meeting or a date.

After the first trials and new experiments with jewelry style: you already know what suits you for sure, and what exactly suits you, exactly at this moment stop your gaze on more luxurious jewelry, for example, rings and earrings studded with Pink diamond, decorative pendants , bracelets. Let us tell you one secret, luxurious jewelry can be found in classic style, as well as in Marry's assortment. By purchasing just such jewelry, you can achieve several goals at once, become the owner of luxurious jewelry and combine them stylishly with any outfit from your wardrobe.

Jewelry has an extraordinary charm, especially when adorned with precious stones. In order for the stones to be kept in the decoration, a technology called setting is used. Clasp is a method of fixing a gemstone in a jewelry frame. In this article we will look at the types of jewelry setting that exist today.Essential for pearls and other round stones. With this type of setting, the insert is firmly glued to the pin with a special substance that holds the stone very firmly and for a long time.

The prong setting got its name from the prongs, which at the same distance from each other fix the gem in the jewelry. This setting is ideal for Pink diamond engagement rings.With this setting, a large number of stones are installed next to each other, because of this, the impression is created that the jewelry is strewn with stones.In this setting, the insert looks like a continuation of the jewelry. The stone is surrounded by a metal frame on all sides and does not go beyond the metal.

One of the characteristics affecting the value of gemstone jewelry is the carat. Nevertheless, for many, this term means little. That is why, if you decide to purchase jewelry with precious stones, it is worth understanding what a carat is.

A carat is a unit of weight for gemstones, in which 1 carat equals 200 mg, or 0.2 grams. In an abbreviated form, the carat is written as ct. This measurement system is used by jewelers to express the mass of precious stones. It is the carat weight of a stone that affects its price. The characteristics of the mineral, color and clarity, are also taken into account. Instances with a purer, more saturated color will cost more.

The history of the emergence of the unit of measurement-carat has more than several hundred years. There used to be no scales, so merchants and jewelry dealers had difficulty selling jewelry. That is why a unit of measurement was invented in which the mass of a mineral was compared with the mass of grains. The homeland of most precious stones was the countries of the Ancient East, where the grain ( carato ) of the carob tree-ceratonia was considered the standard of weight . The fact is that the fruits of this tree had the same weight - 0.19 grams - regardless of the place of growth and time.

Almost every one of us who has worn rings in our lives has faced such a problem as increasing the size of the ring. Over the course of a person's life, the size of the ring may change, for example, due to weight gain or swelling of the fingers in hot weather. Whatever the reason, to enlarge the ring you should contact a Pink diamond workshop, especially since such a service will be inexpensive, and in time it will take no more than an hour.  


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