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It can be very frustrating for the water pressure in the kitchen sink faucet to become smaller. So what causes the water pressure of the kitchen sink faucet to be low? Low water pressure in a kitchen sink is usually caused by clogged vents or filtered cartridges. Causes of water pipes, routine maintenance and toilet leaks are the causes of this situation.Professional plumber Sometimes, a closed shut-off valve or a pressure relief valve (PRV) may also cause it. In fact, there are not many times when you are in this kind of situation in your life. If the faucet is not under pressure, the water flow is relatively small. You can see if the heart location of the hot and cold water valve is reversed or if something is installed when the hot and cold faucet is installed. Blocking, you need to clean and filter the faucet pipe spool regularly, many times you think it is clean and there will be no impurities, just open the water pipe and spool only to know that you think that the cleanliness has blocked the water pipe, and the natural pressure will Be less or even gone. Distort and clean it with a toothbrush or cotton swab.

Of course, you should also check if the cold water valve is closed. Sometimes, the water valve may be temporarily closed during the exhaust repair. There is also a check for whether the mixing valve is malfunctioning. When damaged, it can affect the water pressure of the faucet. If it is in the kitchen and shower or elsewhere with hoses, pay attention to keep the hoses smooth, and pay attention to avoid obvious zones, otherwise it will affect the water pressure.

Don’t worry if there is no water Professional plumber in the faucet. It is recommended to first check whether the phenomenon of water stop occurs in the community, and then determine whether the cold water valve is turned off. If the residents are living in high-rise communities or on the upper floor, perhaps the peak water consumption is that I think the amount of water is small or there is no water pressure in the faucet. The water pressure causing the height problem may not occur. If other residents in the community have similar situations, the problem of water pressure is likely to be there.

Faucet Aerator

An aerator is a device that controls flow and is usually found close to the top of the faucet. Minerals, particles or debris can usually clog the Professional plumber. As a result, the kitchen sink may eventually lose water pressure. In most cases, cleaning the aerator should restore water pressure.

You can inflate by rotating your arm counterclockwise. If it seems difficult to open it by hand, you can use toothed tape pliers. After taking it out, you can immerse the aerator in vinegar and sweep the sediment. In general, it should be sufficient to saturate the ventilator overnight. In short, if the particles are too tight to fall off, they can be replaced at any time.

Faucet cartridge

The water pressure in the sink may also be low in a clogged tap carton. The cartridge controls the flow of water in your faucet. That is, when you open the handle, the cartridge will open the valve, allowing water to flow through. As you can see, cleaning the cartridge is much more complicated than cleaning the aerator.

Before you start removing the faucet, please close the shut-off valve and let all the water run out. This is done to ensure that there is no residual water on the pipeline. Then close the sink plug to prevent debris escaping into the drainage system. Now use a flat blade screwdriver to print the handle cover. After removing the handle, you can use a pair of anti-slip pliers to remove the set nut. If the tape is attached to the teeth of the Professional plumber pliers, grip can be increased. In addition, this will prevent the faucet from being scratched. Then use a pair of normal pliers to pull out the retaining clip. Eventually, you will be able to pull the cartridge out of the opening.

You can clean the cartridge by boiling the cartridge in vinegar overnight. Use a stiff brush to scrape off the sediment. However, if you feel that the sediment is too tight to fall off, you should consider replacing it.

Water line

interruptions Your water supply line may be interrupted from time to time. They may not be easy to detect, however. If not only does the kitchen sink lose water pressure, it is likely to disrupt the water supply line.

You can determine if there is an interruption to the water supply line by reading the meter reading. That is, turn off all faucets and water outlets, and then read the meter readings. After about four hours, read the meter again. A change in the reading will indicate a leak due to a water supply line break somewhere.If the water line can be disrupted, you should call a Professional plumber to inspect it.

Toilet leak

will reduce the pressure leak in the toilet water in the kitchen sink and in other areas. Some of the causes of the leak are rupture of the water supply line or toilet tank. In addition, the baffle, feed valve or float may get stuck and cause leakage. In addition, it may even be the wrong connection or a warped baffle.

While you can try to fix it yourself, I recommend you call a certified plumber. They have extensive experience in dealing with such issues.

Angle valve The angle valve

usually drains water under the kitchen sink. Because the valve is not always in working condition, these deposits tend to accumulate over the years. Therefore, the washer is impaired. Sometimes there is a tendency to leak close to the stem of the globe valve. In any case, it is always a good idea to check if the valve is fully open. More importantly, the angle valve may be the only cause of low water pressure in the kitchen sink. If the kitchen sink has two angle valves (hot and cold), please check if you need to replace two or two. In most cases, replacement is easier than trying to operate a faulty angle valve.

Before attempting a replacement, please close the water main to prevent water from interfering with your work. First, remove the water pipe attached to the angle valve and loosen the nut with twine. You can destroy it by turning counterclockwise. Next, remove the compression nut that holds the angle valve in place. If the compression nut is removed, the angle valve will come off.

Make sure to get the same globe valve for replacement.Professional plumber  Tighten the compression nut to secure the new valve. Do not overdo it, however, it will damage the nuts or pipes. Finally, reconnect the water supply line and tighten its nuts.

Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)

The PRV (also known as a pressure regulator ) is usually located on the line into the home or office. It is shaped like a clock and is preset by the manufacturer. Make changes to see if it affects water pressure or signs of damage.

If you think there is a problem with the PRV, you can replace it or call a certified plumber to fix it. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure to close the main shut-off valve first.


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