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Parking, Wi-Fi and a 24-hour front desk are a minimum of free services to look out for when choosing a hotel. What else can you get for free? We have collected a whole scattering of opportunities that will make your stay in hotel accommodation more enjoyable. We also recommend to be friends with the staff: even if the service you need is not on the list, the reception will try to help you.

After booking your room, please check if the hotel offers a free transfer service from the airport or train station. This way you will save on public transport or taxis. After all, a trip to the airport or railway station is usually more expensive than travel within the city.

Newlyweds know that if they loudly announce their recent marriage upon arrival, there is a chance to receive a gift - a bottle of champagne, a basket of fruits or a discount on spa treatments. What the hell is not kidding, you may be offered to move to a more expensive and comfortable room for free. This is called a "hotel accommodation". At the same time, it is not necessary to get married to receive a compliment. The occasion may be a wedding anniversary, or a birthday. And perhaps some surprise will already be waiting for you in your room.

I try to stay in the same chain hotels. Therefore, I have earned the privileges of a regular guest. I almost always get a free room upgrade: a larger room with a scenic view of the city, not a courtyard. I try to be at the hotel immediately upon arrival, and not wander around the city with suitcases. Large hotel accommodation and, if possible, provide a room as early as 14:00. If I leave late, I try to check-out not at 12:00, but later. An hour or two they throw in without problems, and once they managed to extend the number until 18:00. No extra charge! Or you can pay for half a day.

If you are traveling with a small child, ask for a bassinet or extra bed. The main thing is not to forget to inform the hotel that you have children. Write about it in the comments when booking. The service is provided if the room is spacious enough and there is room for one more bed - this is done taking into account the fire safety standards that are strictly observed in hotels.

People feel happier in hotels. But, like at home, something is always missing for complete happiness: a corkscrew for wine, a set of dishes, hygiene items, threads with a needle, or a charger for a smartphone, which, of course, I forgot at home. Feel free to ask for all this at the hotel. Also: iron and ironing board, extra blanket or softer pillow. Some hotels have a special 'pillow menu' to choose from. Or the service "Preparing the room for bed": the hotel accommodation staff will straighten the bed and warm it up with an electric sheet, close the curtains, turn down the lighting in the room.

For example, you will receive for free: two bottles of still water, a kettle and a tea set, as well as the essentials for any trip - a toothbrush, toiletries, slippers and a bathrobe. There is an ironing room on each floor. Many high-star hotels have a luggage carrier service. Pets are allowed on request.

Among all the "Wishlist" an ordinary cup of strong tea is perhaps the most pleasant and important of all. It can be ordered to your room. Or get a kettle at the hotel so as not to torment employees with the same request every evening

Many travelers from fatigue turn off the alarm in the phone without waking up. So you can sleep anywhere. Ask at the front desk to call you at the right time. Phones in hotels usually ring loudly, and the staff are distinguished by caring perseverance: if they do not pick up the phone, they will call you back several times, or knock on the door. There is only one condition: check-in at the hotel must work around the clock. Please check this in advance.

If you are resting in a hotel where there is a concierge service, then on all questions you can safely contact them, there is nothing impossible for them: to find an urgently exclusive perfume scent, a picture of the 17th century, or something like that. I also have a rule - always leave a tip, at least a small amount. Then the staff will try to fulfill all your requests with greater willingness and attention. Once in a hotel in Australia, I had a personal concierge and he offered to sort out my things. I was a little surprised by this service, but it turned out to be absolutely free and the norm for this hotel.

Large hotel accommodation have gyms, saunas, swimming pools, massage rooms and other wellness facilities. In them you can not only relax, but also get in shape right during the trip: pump up your abs, improve stretching, learn to jump rope ... Train for free.

For breakfast it is good to read the fresh press, especially in another country, to keep abreast of the news: suddenly there is a strike or mass demonstrations, and it is better not to leave the hotel today. Most often, newspapers and magazines are provided to guests free of charge. How to read them (in English, French, Greek ...) is the guest's problem. Besides the press, there are small libraries in hotels that are formed from forgotten books. So you can stumble upon something really worthwhile.

The most useful free service for me is early check-in or late check-out. The second most useful one is a ration to go instead of breakfast, although it is cheaper for money to buy it in a store, because rations are usually scarce for a food lover. As for free tea: the rooms can have not only a kettle, but also a coffee machine - this is all already included in the room rate

Internet outside the hometown is expensive, and Wi-Fi is not everywhere - paper maps help out even in the 21st century. Ask for free at the hotel reception. They are printed mainly in guidebooks, which also list the main attractions, transport hours, the schedule of concerts, exhibitions and sports events.

In many hotels near the reception there is a counter where the surrounding cafes and restaurants post event announcements, as well as discount coupons. Ask the receptionist to recommend your favorite places: this way you can dine cheaper and tastier than the recommendations from the Internet. By the way, it is not necessary to book a table yourself (especially if you do not know the local language), it will also be gladly made by a hotel employee for you. A satisfied customer is the best customer!

Most often, guests ask for recommendations on a nice, inexpensive and tasty place. You must admit that locals will tell you better than others about the lively, non-touristy side of the city. We are always happy to recommend to our guests a whole “map” of places they might like: from the iconic donut and shaverms to trendy bars and gourmet restaurants. And one more observation: the guest is pleased when the staff shows simple human hospitality, does cute little things: a cup of tea, candy, a smile, a beautiful postcard.

Paper and office equipment have not yet been canceled. Sometimes you need to print, scan or fax something: return tickets, a copy of your passport, and so on. Contact the reception - they will help you.

A trifle, but nice. Postcards are sometimes sold at reception. They can be sent to friends or to yourself directly from the hotel accommodation. At the same time, you will save yourself the headache of looking for a post office. Finding mail abroad is sometimes more difficult than in Australia. You have to pay for postcards and stamps, but the service itself is free.

For hotels, free services are a competitive advantage - a way to attract and retain guests. As hoteliers, it is important for us to know that guests feel comfortable and no one pays as much attention to them as we do. The Rossi Hotel has a “Favorite Number” service: you can choose one number (anywhere in the world, mobile or landline) and call it free of charge throughout your stay. This is important for parents who need to know if their children are doing well, or business travelers who need to communicate with the company's office.

If you need to check out from the room, and there is still half a day or more before departure, you do not have to walk around the city with a heavy suitcase or look for a storage room. In almost all hotels, luggage can be left for the whole day after you have checked-out. Clarify where you can leave things: even if there is no luggage room, you will not be left in trouble and something will come up with.


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