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The wedding rings is a piece of jewelry that is a symbol of a strong family union, a precious embodiment of light feelings, sincere intentions and everything that people put into the concept of family values. In terms of image and style, both male and female wedding rings play an important role, reflecting the taste of their owner, his ability to combine jewelry. In this article, we will present the current trends in wedding rings. As an example - the solutions from our company Alex Buke , which has been making wedding rings for many years, taking into account world trends, bringing absolute works of jewelry art to life!

Women's crown ring is a luxury that catches the eye and makes you consider the jewelry for a long time. Experts say that if a piece of jewelry stops a person's gaze for more than three seconds, it should definitely be bought! Indeed, the models in the form of crowns and real tiaras on the fingers - with smooth lines, ornate shapes, patterned inlays make hearts beat faster, almost in unison with Mendelssohn's march.

Stylish weaving is a trend that still originated in the 20s of the twentieth century. In appearance, such models look like several rings woven into a single harmonious image. Also, this trend should include the design of wedding rings with curved lines, which look quite graceful and sophisticated, create a beautiful but delicate volume on the hand.

Laconicism and minimalism are a trend that will never lose its relevance, and over the years it only gains momentum. A classic can have a smooth surface, with a small scattering of stones or one recessed diamond, the shape of the profile is semicircular (yes, there is the one that our grandparents or parents chose in their youth). Usually, modern newlyweds like to engrave custom-made classic rings with individual dates or inscriptions symbolic for the union. An excellent option for lovers of restrained forms and eternal traditions.

Wide wedding rings with abundant decor seem to act as a counterbalance to laconic minimalism. This direction allows both combinations of different types of metal (for example, yellow, white and rose gold in one product), and a variety of treatments (gloss and matte surface), and the abundance of all kinds of patterns will emphasize individuality.

Colored gold rings are an option for lovers of bright solutions and extraordinary images. 18-carat yellow or lemon gold is ideal for both tanning and snow-white skin. Rose gold - the perennial favorite of girls for several seasons in a row, gives a sparkling shine in daylight and evening light. And, of course, the sizes of these models are impressive!

Rings with drowning diamonds - when the stones are carefully "nested" in gold in a specially designed bed. For fans of maximalism, there are solutions with several black diamonds. Yes, these gems are peaceful neighbors and look great even in small quantities. Style, beauty, high cost, nothing more!

Actual men's wedding rings 

Certain cut rings are a technological trend that can reflect the personality of a young person. The cut looks especially impressive and expensive on 585 white gold or 950 platinum. A real squeak is a diamond cut, which makes the jewelry exclusive and noticeable on the hand, organically combines with a watch, bracelet, etc.

The matte surface is a trend that men have especially loved for a long time. Continuing to look towards matte gold, pay attention to the variety of treatments: the same fine sand (grainy) matting, roughness with the effect of rough metal brushed. For the most daring - textured matting of precious metal, when, after machining the surface, scratches are clearly visible. "Ruffled" bezels, the effect of "crushed ice" or "brutal chain mail" - you just want to run your finger over the surface of 750 gold and feel the precious metal. Offset stones are an interesting option when diamonds are in extraordinary positions. This effect really attracts everyone's attention, gives off futurism and is truly considered a bold choice!

The avant-garde design in the style of the cartridge clip is another fresh solution that challenges long-standing tradition. An extraordinary story with an emphasis on strength, honor, courage - those qualities that build the foundation of a true masculine character.

Pair of wedding rings

You won't surprise anyone with the idea of ​​wearing paired rings made of precious metals, but the design of these products can really please you! The same design looks differently on male and female hands. There are options created in a single style solution, but slightly different in shape or size. For example, when a men's wedding ring is wide, with a geometric cut, and a woman 's wedding ring is of a similar shape, but richly inlaid with diamonds. Paired sets of wedding rings of different thicknesses, but with one type of profile, are in great demand. Such a single concept in design is able to highlight the union to the highest degree, being its main symbol. And any symbolism, relic is, as you know, a weighty brick of a strong family.

Geometry in paired rings is an interesting trend that is popular with fans of everything modern and technological. If the classic with semicircular barrels is perceived by many as archaism, it is worth dwelling on the "Australia" designs. Curved headbands, notches, concave outer profile, square cut - all of this is in favor!

The trends we have listed create a rough idea of ​​jewelry trends for 2020-2021. As you can see for yourself, the palette of styles is noticeably expanding, there are no strict frameworks, there is an opportunity for experimentation and really fresh combinations. If you want to bring one or several trends to life, buy a ready-made wedding ring or to order, the catalog of our company Alex Buke is at your service. The gallery has hundreds of models of high-grade gold (585 and 750) and platinum (950), with one large diamond or a scattering of stones. Craftsmen listen to the wishes of customers, bring to life the most incredible designs of rings that will surely please your taste, and the choice will 100% correspond to your dream!


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