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Often times, you will find that the terms “smart home” and “home automation” are used interchangeably, which might make you wonder why there are so many terms for the same concept. In this case, however, there is a difference - although it may seem rather confusing to newcomers to home automation.

Often times, you will find that the terms “smart home” and “ home automation ” are used interchangeably, which might make you wonder

In simple terms: home automation is just one of the many things that go into a smart home. If that doesn't make the point clearer for you, think of it this way: smart home technology consists of connected devices that run on network technologies such as Bluetooth (in the case of HomeKit) or specialized technologies such as Z-Wave to connect and interact. with other devices in the house.

Such devices are: light switches and dimmers that can be controlled remotely; surveillance cameras that can be monitored from another room or another continent; thermostats that can be programmed to follow a set schedule or adjusted from your smartphone, as well as many other devices. Any device in your home that you can control, monitor, or receive information without physically interacting with it can be considered part of a smart home.

Often times, you will find that the terms “smart home” and “ home automation ” are used interchangeably, which might make you wonder

what about home automation?

It's simple - all your smart devices know how to interact with each other. And you can customize what they convey and do in a way that makes your life easier and more automated.

Let's take a look at some examples.

Using your smartphone to turn on the living room light before opening the front door? This is a smart home job. Set up your home automation system to automatically turn on your living room lights if you open your front door after sunset? This is home automation!If you meet the same every morning, for example, turning on the light in the bedroom and turning on the coffee machine, why not combine these actions at the press of one button? Or better yet, you can program your system so that one of these actions automatically triggers the other.

Of course, for all this type of home automation to actually work, you need to make sure that all of your smart home devices can communicate with each other and work together. And the easiest way to do this is to buy all home automation devices on the same platform, like Z-Wave or Home Kit. Then, regardless of manufacturer, your smart devices can communicate with each other.


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