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New module and pricing structure in business accounts

Good news for 80% of all Silvasoft customers! Due to a new price and module structure , the invoice you receive monthly will be lower. Are you among the other 20% of the customers? Do not you worry! You will keep the price you are used to. A discount will be applied to your business accounts to keep this price. This discount will always apply, also for any future expansions in modules and / or users.

First of all, various functions will be offered separately in modules. Consider, for example, the module 'Hours & Personnel', or the module 'Quotations, Sales & Orders'. By offering the various functions in these modules separately, you do not need to pay much more for functions that you do not want to use. We expect that there will be more interest in such a model, so that we can grow faster.
Good news for 80% of all Silvasoft customers! Due to a new price and module structure , the invoice you receive monthly will be lower.

VZW stands for 'Vereniging Zonder Profitoogmerk'. As a non-profit organization you are obliged to keep accounts. On this page you can read more about what kind of business accounts you should keep, what the obligations for a non-profit accounting are and how Silvasoft can help you with your non-profit accounting.

If you choose to, or if you are obliged to keep double bookkeeping, you must also file annual accounts each financial year, which must be approved by the general meeting. Small non-profit organizations must deposit their approved account each year with the registry of the commercial court. Large non-profit organizations must deposit the approved account with the National Bank of Belgium within 30 days.

You do your NPO accounting through an business accounts program . In the accounting program you enter your purchases, sales and financial transactions (bank or cash). You can call in the assistance of an accountant to prepare the annual accounts. The accountant can prepare annual accounts based on the data from your accounting program.

Silvasoft is an accounting program including supplier and customer management / member management, with which you can easily and correctly conduct your business accounts. Silvasoft automatically calculates your VAT return, IC statement and annual customer listing. Silvasoft is a modular solution which you can easily expand with additional options such as time registration, project management and personnel administration.
Good news for 80% of all Silvasoft customers! Due to a new price and module structure , the invoice you receive monthly will be lower.

As a general partnership (general partnership) you are obliged to keep a VOF accounting. If your annual turnover is less than € 500,000, you may keep simple accounts. If your annual turnover is more than € 500,000, you are required to keep double bookkeeping. If you are allowed to keep single bookkeeping, you can still choose to keep double bookkeeping.

Where in single-entry accounting you do not actually do more than record your purchases and sales, with double-entry accounting you must add a payment or receipt to prove the sale or purchase against each purchase or sale. However, when do you opt for simple business accounts if this is permitted by the rules, and when not?

Double bookkeeping offers more 'evidential value' and a better overview of the relationship between your purchases and sales and the associated payments or receipts. Many self-employed people opt for double bookkeeping in order to have more evidential value. Should it ever come to a dispute with the tax authorities, you will be much stronger with double bookkeeping. Would you like to know more about simple and double bookkeeping? Read more about single bookkeeping and double bookkeeping .


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