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How to Save Your Business by Changing the Way You Do It. Remote accounting

Spring 2020. Corona virus crisis. It is not known what will happen next, but it is already clear that not everyone will survive. If you want to keep your business, you will have to quickly revise business processes: give up unnecessary expenses like a premium office and cookies, optimize the staff by firing those you can do without, automate the processes that programs are performed better than people.

The load is uneven: the accounting either spits at the ceiling, drawing up a couple of invoices per day, or sits late at night on the eve of the reports. The salary, the size of which is not tied to the number of tasks, has to be paid constantly. And also - to allocate a workplace and office equipment, provide stationery and deduct contributions to funds. It is difficult to punish for jambs: you can deprive of bonuses, in extreme cases - dismiss, but the fines are still paid to the owner.

In closets, folders with papers from counter parties are piled up. There are more and more of them, finding something in the archive is as easy as a needle in a haystack, from time to time something important is lost on the way to the addressee. Everyone is nervous. The accounting spends his time trying to catch the director and get the signature, and he is distracted from more important tasks.

When trying to transfer an accountant to a remote location, it turns out that giving him an office computer is unsafe, and allowing him to work from home too. Since all counter parties need pieces of paper (see paragraph 2), the courier rushes between the accounting's house, office and mail, moving the waste paper from point A to point B. The efficiency of work decreases - the accountant is used to consulting the boss for any reason, and now you have to use these incomprehensible messengers.

In our latitudes, remote accounting is still associated with freelance accountants, who differ from regular ones only in that they do not sit in the office. We will not talk about them today - we will talk about new generation high-tech services. Convenient, fast, removing the extra burden from businessmen and freeing them up time for development.

Government agencies have switched to electronic document management with entrepreneurs, which makes life easier for both parties. Some still have a choice, but for the rest EDF has become mandatory - for example, if you have more than 25 employees, it will not work to submit reports to the FIU in paper format, in many branches of the FSS they also refused it.  One accountant got sick or went on vacation - he was replaced by another. Each has its own specification: salaries, taxes, primary documentation. The situation, which is ordinary for a full-time accountant, has been eliminated - while a more urgent or important task is being performed, the rest freeze.

Remote communication has been established between the client, a personal manager and accounting, as well as between the service team and regulatory authorities. Now, while many companies are frantically transferring their employees to telecommuting , our clients are calm about the accounting department - nothing has changed for them.


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