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Great Web Design Books

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A  book for those who don't know much about type and typography yet. If you need to work with web design in the future, then this book will be useful to you. It is usually recommended reading for design students, but if you need help in the world of typography, then of course it is recommended for you too.

In the book, you will find descriptions and explanations of some of the patterns, tips and rules adopted in Russian-language typography, as well as an attached poster diagram with reminders of what to do and what not to do during the layout process.

1. Diary of a designer maniac

What this book is about  This book about designers and for designers is a frank talk about painful things.

The author shares his thoughts on the profession, offers answers to “eternal questions”: should a designer be able to draw, is there an ideal customer, where to get fresh ideas, how plagiarism differs from working with material, and others. I think here you can find the answer to your painful question.

2. Responsive web design. Emotional web design and so on

What these books are about: Briefly and without water, I will say that the books of the A Book Apart series are, in a way, manuals that are convenient to read step by step and feed on new information. They will provide an insight into the world of web design.

3. Web Design for the real world

What this book is about: the book will tell about the tasks and role of a designer in the modern world, about design ethics, about new principles and methods of design, about design as a universal form of human activity that integrates a variety of knowledge. All about the design world!

4. Web Design thinking in business

What this book is about:  Design thinking is the foundation of a truly innovative company and an essential business quality for its leader. Without this book, as without hands, you as a designer must know how to develop a new product, how to work with it further.

5. Burn your portfolio! What is not taught in web design schools

What this book is about: The  book introduces us to the realities of the design business, existing practices and unwritten rules of doing business, which most web design, photographers and representatives of other creative professions will learn about only after plunging into real work. A humorous author gives us invaluable information about teamwork, building relationships with customers and colleagues, interacting with customers and much more. Readers will learn that brainstorming often does more harm than good, that “the designers are from Mars and the customers are from Venus” and that a designer only has 65 seconds to get a job or order. Inside 111 author's tips, without understanding which getting started in the design business will seem like hell.

Hopefully, after reading these books, you will get out of design hell and your work will be more enjoyable than ever before. Since you now have the trump card in your hands, you know how to cope with everyday difficulties! Of course, if you are an experienced web design, you probably have developed your own approach to solving problems, I suggest you do not give up the idea to read, you may find something new for yourself. Who knows, the main thing is to try!.


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