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Standard problems and diseases of old parquet : Floor Sanding

Common problems and diseases of old parquet Floor Sanding?

Parquet is a beautiful, solid looking and durable natural wood Floor Sanding. Good parquet with proper care and timely repairs will last for several decades. But there are also “diseases” inherent in parquet, which are often easier to prevent than to cure later. Knowing the possible problems, you can prevent their occurrence.Often after 5-7 years, the parquet starts to creak when walking. And this is not at all a minor problem - for many, the creak is very nerve-racking. If your significant other goes to bed later than you or often gets up at night, squeaking will become a real disaster. Parquet creaks due to improper installation or substrate preparation. Sometimes the reason for the squeak is poor-quality glue - over time it dries up, and the parquet Floor Sanding begin to move, touching and making a squeak. This is also one of the consequences of uneven drying after flooding, which we will discuss below.

Common problems and diseases of old parquet Floor Sanding? Parquet is a beautiful, solid looking and durable natural wood Floor Sanding .

The appearance of cracks. If the parquet boards are not of the highest quality (and these were massively laid in Khrushchev houses in the 60s and 70s), over time, due to changes in humidity and temperature, due to uneven pressure distribution, they begin to disperse, forming cracks in some places. They can be eliminated - for example, by laying with strips of suitable width and covering with mastic, followed by grinding and opening with varnish. But in general, parquet with an abundance of gaps wider than 5 mm is better (often and cheaper) to re-grind.

Even hardwood parquet will not escape wear and tear, the more cheap and soft board is exposed to it. Constant friction leads to abrasion first of the varnish layer, and then of the wood itself, which begins to turn gray and lose its appearance. Fortunately, this most common defect is fairly easy to fix. The surface of the parquet is subjected to scraping, removing a thin layer of damaged wood, and then polished, treated with a primer and applied to the surface with varnish or oil. Narrow gaps are covered with putty. Parquet Floor Sanding with standard thickness can be scraped several times, which extends its service life by 15-20 years. Ordinary scratches - traces of children's games or rearrangements of furniture - are treated with a special pencil (small) or putty with preliminary grouting (medium).

Common problems and diseases of old parquet Floor Sanding? Parquet is a beautiful, solid looking and durable natural wood Floor Sanding .

Flooding the parquet with water!

The most unpleasant thing that can happen to your parquet is hot water. The list of problems in this case expands significantly. Firstly, the old parquet can simply peel off - hot water will destroy the glue base, already damaged by time, and the boards will begin to fall off. Secondly, a parquet board without a protective varnish coating, which has worn off from time to time, can swell and deform. Uneven drying will cause the boards to flake off and form crevices and humps. Due to dampness, the Floor Sanding appearance of a fungus is possible - a black coating, which is very difficult to cure.

Our masters will help to cope with most of the problems and diseases of the old parquet - the main thing is to contact it not too late!


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