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Private House Roof Repair - Roof Restoration

First you need to climb into the attic and find out what condition the rafters, the laid floor and the waterproofing layer are in. It is necessary to check if it is pulling from there with dampness, if mold has appeared. If the tree is severely faded or covered with dark spots, this may be due to constant moisture.
First you need to climb into the attic and find out what condition the rafters, the laid floor and the waterproofing layer are in

Damp walls and ceilings in the rooms of the house can be signs of worn roofing. But in some cases, the roof restoration may not be to blame for this. Sometimes it's all about leaking pipes (water supply, sewerage or heating). There are often cases when water flows along the outer wall, and then enters the house through the interfloor joint.An internal inspection of the roof is best done during heavy rain, so that the locations and causes of leaks can be more accurately determined.
After a careful study of the seamy side of the roof restoration, it is examined from the outside. First of all, you need to inspect such nodes of the roofing system as - the ridge for whether it is intact, whether its moisture-protective layer is in order. Then the places where the roof adjoins pipes and other vertical parts are the most vulnerable places. Therefore, it is necessary to check the metal aprons well in these places.
First you need to climb into the attic and find out what condition the rafters, the laid floor and the waterproofing layer are in

Then they gradually go down to the valleys - perhaps they are full of branches and leaves that need to be removed and only after that the element can be viewed. The cornice board can rot from time to time - therefore they check it, and at the same time find out whether the lower part of the cornice itself is intact.
Now it remains to inspect the ventilation ducts and the drainage system (for clogging with debris). You need to pay attention to each funnel, gutter and down pipe. Well, roof slopes can become a haven for mosses and lichens - in this case, they need to be eliminated. In addition, they look for bubbles, dents, holes or chips with cracks on the restoration covering.By the way, many repair companies have infrared cameras in their arsenal. With their help, you can quickly find leaks and check the entire system. Then, based on the data obtained, the required amount of work and materials is calculated.




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