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How To Distribute The Tiling On The Wall

Before gluing the ceramic Tiling on the wall, I need to properly distribute tiles on the surface, it must be symmetrical and beautiful.Modern ceramic tiles can have quite large dimensions, so any asymmetry in their placement completely spoils the appearance of the new reform.

Basic Errors :

Very often, unskilled bricklayers or people who have decided to do the renovations on their own, allow for a single global mistake: they start laying the Tiling in the corner of the room. Cases in which the tile wall is completely filled, and it is not necessary to cut the tiles, are extremely rare. Usually I need to cut tile into the very narrow pieces that fill the small gap in the corner.Bricklayer begins gluing the tiles on the bedroom door. In this case, small additional items are seen in a corner, which is located in front of the door. That is to say, every time when the owner enters this room she sees this ridiculous piece

Bricklayer tries to distribute additional element between the two corners of the room. The method is much more time consuming, and he has to cut the tiles into strips. For example, the tiles cover the walls so that the corner is 5 centimeters wide. To evenly distribute the Tiling in the corners of the rooms, it is necessary to cut the strip to a width of 2.5 cm. Work quite difficult and this narrow strip will look very ugly.

How To Do Correct :

In fact, to avoid all the problems with additional elements, the correct arrangement of the tiles on the wall can help us.

-  Contrary to popular opinion, it is necessary to lay the Tiling on the wall from the center to the edges. This way of making additional elements wide and the wall looks symmetrical. You get rid of the narrow elements in the corners of the room.The calculation of the necessary number of tiles is carried out in a very simple way. It is necessary to count the number of whole tiles placed on the wall. For example, the width of the wall is 220 cm, and the width of the tiles is 50 cm.

The correct method to distribute tiles on the wall: in our case we have 4 whole Tiling and a piece of 20 cm. We remove a whole tile and a piece of 20 cm. We now have 3 whole tiles. We place the tiles from the center of the room. We pencil the vertical line on the wall, dividing the wall in half. In this example, we have to mark a line at a distance of 1mm to 10cm from the corner of the room. The tile is glued to the wall with the expectation that the center of the Tiling will pass through the dividing line. In this case, on the one hand it must be 25 cm of tiles and on the other hand  the same distance 25 cm. Next, we place the tiles to the right and left of the central tile.

After this procedure we have two additional elements in the corners. 220 cm (wall width) minus 150 cm (width of three tiles), it is still 70 centimeters to insert. That is, in this case, each additional element will have a width of 35 cm. With a tile width of 50 cm, a width of insert 35 will look symmetrical and beautiful.


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