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Family Singleton bike: which accessories to choose?


That's it, have you chosen your singleton bike  ? Now let's move on to the essential complements: accessories! The market offer has expanded and with it the possibilities and uses have multiplied. More and more brands have taken the turn of accessorization.

To help you, we offer you a quick overview of what brands can offer to improve children's comfort or make life easier for cyclists .

Accessories for Singleton bike: manufacturers diversify their offer

For some time now, the  singleton bike o bike has established itself as the booming mode of travel in the urban landscape. On the one hand, the singleton bike, whether it is an extended bicycle, a two-carrier, a scooter, with or without electric assistance, is attracting more and more followers.

On the other hand, there is a real desire on the part of manufacturers to offer their customers ranges of accessories for singleton bike  in  order to best meet the needs of their users.

Each cyclist can therefore choose his accessories according to his needs.

What accessories are most useful on a longtail bike?

On an extended bike , some accessories are essential, especially for keeping children safe.

Keep children safe on the back of the bike

  • The structures of bars  : essential elements to ensure the safety and maintenance of your child when they are not transported in a baby seat. They are found under the name of ¨ Clubhouse ¨ at Tern or ¨ Monkey bar.
  • The footrests  : as useful to rest the foot for support panniers ¨ Bamboo Side Board ¨ ¨ in Australia and Side Kick Lower Deck ¨ for Tern
  • The baby seat : whether at home or Australia Tern, you'll be able to fix child seats (up to 2); models Thule Yepp Maxi Nexxt or Thule Yepp Maxi Easyfit be supported. But not all configurations are possible, especially when Monkeys bars are associated. It is therefore essential to see in store which seats are best suited to the bike and the configuration chosen (equipment, number of children, age of children).

Father with his daughter walking next to a longtail

Transporting children safely on a singleton bike

  • The seat cushions : to improve passenger seat. ¨ Mini Padded Seat ¨  or ¨¨ Sidekick ¨ at Tern, including when transporting an adult on the luggage rack of his singleton bike.
  • The handlebars Passenger  : they allow the passenger to ensure better maintenance ¨ additional handlebar.
  • The rain tent : only available at Yuba the Pop Top Cover will protect your little passenger

Transporting your groceries on a longtail

  • The front baskets  : in order to bring you even more loading capacity, find the ¨ Transporter ¨ at Tern and the ¨ Bread Basket ¨ near Yuba
  • The panniers  : to carry your groceries! these models have the particularity of offering exceptional load capacities! At yuba, with the ¨ Go better ¨ and at Tern with the ¨ Cargo hold ¨

Woman walking beside her cargo bike loaded with basket and saddlebags

Which accessories to choose to equip a two-carrier and a three-wheeler?

Once you have chosen between biporteur and tricycle , you will notice that the accessorization of the latter remains almost identical. Here are the essentials for these two types of singleton bike :

To protect children from rain and cold

The rain tent is an essential item in bad weather. We find this element declined by most brands of twin carriers:

  • Canopy Super singleton bike
  • Canopy black Box and Canopy Eco box at Douze cycle
  • Rain protection tent (babboe city, babboe mini) at Babboe

Cargo bike with children protected by the rain tent

To transport your children safely

The additional bench: ideal for large families to seat the whole tribe. It will be important to think about safety with the addition of a belt.

  • Bamboo box seat at yuba
  • Additional bench at Babboe
  • Child seat (Soft Box 600, 800, etc.) at Douze cycle

Transporting toddlers in a singleton bike  should not be a priority: remember that helmets are compulsory for children under 12 . However, this device does not allow the child to wear a helmet since it is intended for toddlers. However, there is no suitable helmet for babies. This device is therefore used under the sole responsibility of the child's parents.

From a technical point of view, if you want to install your maxi cosi on the support, it should be noted that this reduces the number of children that can be carried on the bike.

  • Maxi cosi support at Babboe
  • The baby shell holder for the little ones


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